Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chain O' Lakes on the last day of September

Beesley Creek is only ankle deep in parts so we pulled the canoe through.  
As the canoe was gliding through the creek we appreciated the old sea wall and bridge over the creek. 

The water was so clear and still had a touch of warmth. 

Beesely Creek.

Saturday adventures, great or small, are best when shared. 

Getting close to sunset.

Tranquil. Still. Peacefully. Perfect. Bliss.  
Outdoor therapy at its finest. 

Chain O' Lakes Paddle early September

Peeking at Pope Lake from the chain that links it to Marl Lake.  
This girl is strong, capable, and able to appreciate the tranquility of a good paddle. 

Technically the red kayak is Nate's and the blue one is mine....
but this is what usually happens when we're on the water. 

The captain of my ship and of my heart. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Last Day of Winter

Today we spent a few hours stomping around the Waukau Dam area. It was technically the last day of winter but the sun was shining and it was pushing 50*. Farewell winter, we are ready for spring.      
Early Spring is the ugliest season. These little berries were the only pretty color I could find. 
Sparkling water means only one thing:SUNSHINE!

A Dad and his daughter.

Hunting for fish.

Here fishy, fishy.