Thursday, December 27, 2007

A South Dakota Christmas

On December 19 my daily flip calendar read, "An exhausted mother, unexpected guests-God often interupts our routine with His plan." I didn't realize how accurate this pearl of wisdom would become over the next week. Due to some circumstances at church/school out of our control we decided on December 23 that we wouldn't be making the trip to MN/WI over Christmas vacation. Instead we are spending the week here taking care of some church/school things. (If you have a spare prayer our congregation could use some extras.) It was disappointing to all of us not to be seeing our familes after weeks of planning just that but it was the right decision. The kids got over it quickly once they found out that even though Christmas Day was passing by we could make "family Christmas" happen anytime. We also have made plans to do a few fun things here as a family.

These pictures are from our family Christmas . The kids all got different "Go Fish" CDs since they have wore out two in the last six months. (If you haven't heard of Go Fish check out for some cool kid music.) That is what the boys are gleefully opening. Lydia has suddenly decided to be a girly-girl and is in love with babies. Member's of our congregation gave her "tiny baby" complete with bottles and accessories. Lydia is also sporting chocolate on the face because all holidays seem to include "tandy" as Lyd calls it. The top picture is my favorite because our kids always gravitate to reading and together they got a book that was the immediately read and is quickly becoming a favorite.

Hopefully you all had a blessed Christmas and are enjoying a few days at a slower pace. Hugs to all.

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Donna said...

I'm so disappointed that you felt that you couldn't make it here for Christmas as I'm sure both of your families are disappointed too. My prayer will include your church and school. I just came home from church and heard the news and wanted to let you know that your whole family is is my prayers. I love this blog and have fun going into it as time allows. You have so many creative ideas and as expected you are such an awesome family!