Wednesday, April 30, 2008

over the river and through the woods

This past weekend the kids and I made a trek over to Zumbrota to visit Nate's parents and help host a wedding shower for his soon to be sister-in-law Tammy. We arrived late Friday night after an extended trip through a blizzard.

We got to spend time with Michael and Tammy on Friday evening and part of Saturday. As Michael was taking off Saturday Kristi and Matthew arrived to help fill the void. Then Saturday evening Joanna made her way over. (The picture is the only one I took the entire weekend. It's kids helping Jo whip up a batch of cookies. Han's is partly blocked by Lydia)

All of us just enjoyed being home with part of the Smith family. The kids ate up the attention that was showered on them. At almost any given time they chose a grandparent, aunt, or uncle over Mom. (Hans still has a special affection for Tammy so he seemed to choose her most.)

Sunday Kristi, Joanna, and I hosted the shower for Tammy. We had nearly thirty ladies laughing and playing for several hours. We hope Tammy feels warmly welcomed into the group of extended family and friends.

Monday we had a much less eventful trip home and now are looking forward to seeing everyone again at Michael and Tammy's wedding in June.

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