Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camp Croix

Over Labor Day weekend we headed to north western WI to camp with much of my family. We spent three days swimming, fishing, canoeing, cooking over the fire, sleeping in a tent, laughing a lot, enjoying good company, and just having a great time.

1. The moon was full or very near full and provided a beautiful moonrise both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Nathan enjoyed playing nature-photographer and snapped this of the moon over the lake. If I were to title it I'd lean toward "Evening at Peace."

2. Hans and Nathan spent a few hours out fishing just the two of them. Hans was eager to get the opportunity to actually sit in the seat and paddle. Here he's showing off the bass he caught.

3. A shot of camp before we left. Here my Brian and Katy had already left so their camper is missing but you can see Cora and Bill's and then my parents behind that. We were farther up the hill in our tent. Hans and Joey are helping cut firewood right up front. 4. Camping with grandparents also means toys! Evan and Jesse are playing cars in front of my parents camper.

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