Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uncle Jordan

Over last weekend Jordan (Nathan's youngest brother) spent some time with us. After arriving Thursday evening he spent Friday at school helping me cook hot lunch, playing with Lydia, having lunch with Evan and Hans, and generally impressing the lunch ladies with his willingness to pitch in and help. Saturday, after helping Nathan get the garage ready for the van to live inside again, we wandered around the EAA museum for the afternoon and ended the day with wine and a movie. Sunday we started our day with church and moved on to High Cliff State Park and more hiking and geocaching. With Jordan living 16 hours away it was nice to have a chunk of time to visit, catch up, and just enjoy being together. The kids certainly poured out attention on Uncle Jordan and soaked up what he gave back. Hopefully what we lack in house size we made up in heart size for our guest.

1. Taking time to climb a fallen tree along the trail.

2. Rest stop.

3. Walking on.

4. Last stop: bedtime stories the night before Jordan hit the road.

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