Thursday, July 1, 2010


While the kids have been gone I've been having fun in the kitchen. I have baked muffins and a few treats for the weekend but I mean something else. I painted the kitchen! Our kitchen had been wallpapered in lovely 1980s cream floral wallpaper. I pealed it off in the matter of a few minutes, scraped the paste that remained for many hours, filled nail holes, and painted the kitchen asparagus green. The walls were nearly this color under the wallpaper and while I had been planning on going with a pale blue I fell in love with the green. I love how it looks so bright and sharp with the tan and brown tile. I'm going to need to make new curtains for the window (not pictured) but so far I'm thrilled with the new look.

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen.
From the center of the kitchen looking towards the dining room.
*note*Please ignore the clutter. I didn't pick up before the pictures like a real blogger would. This is really what our house looks like since we really live here.

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