Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas 2010

~Merry Christmas from our family to yours~
This year Christmas fell on a weekend which made for a few changes in our usual plans. Our family of five celebrated here on the 23 exchanging gifts and having our traditional Christmas brunch (s'mores pancakes) and Christmas dinner(surf n' turf). Since there aren't Christmas church services on the 23rd we didn't get a family picture taken where we're all prettied up in front of the tree. I figured we'd take one over the weekend at my parents or over New Year's weekend at Nate's parents but that didn't happen either. So, here is our official Christmas 2010 picture. (I know I'm not in it but the four people I love most are and they're all pretty happy. Note: Nathan got a kayak for Christmas which made them all very happy.)
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