Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating 32

Relaxing in the hot tub.

Full pool keep away.

Nathan with his mechanic cake (complete with a wrench).

This year Nathan's birthday fell on a Friday. Back in December we realized it would and that it'd be the prefect night to use a free hotel stay we had that expired the end of January. Nathan left work early enough for us to leave right after picking up the boys from school. We headed to Steven's Point and found our hotel. As soon as we checked in we hit the pool which we had to ourselves for two hours of play time. We played keep away, lazed in the hot tub, splashed, tried to drown each other, ran circles around the pool, floated, and laughed together. When our fingers and toes were pruney enough we dried off and headed to supper. Each of the kids had something fun to give Nathan along with homemade cards/gifts. We were too full from supper to have birthday cake so we saved it until we got home on Saturday afternoon.
Happy Birthday Nathan. Your family loves you.

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