Sunday, April 7, 2013


It has been a long time since I posted anything new here. Time flies. Days are busy. I don't take as many pictures as I used to take. For the last year I've been working outside of our home. It's hard to catch up since I'm so far behind. I think I might take another stab at this whole blogging thing though. Family members have asked that I post again. The kids are growing so quickly. We still do many fun things that are worth sharing. This is sort of like a scrapbook online. We just took a huge cross-country trip and I have lots of beautiful pictures. I'm just going to start where I am and post what I can. I may go back in time and post things from the last year. When I do I will date them the date they happened not the date they're being posted. Posts may be sporadic and I make no promises to keep up with this forever. For now, it's good to be back. Happy Day.

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