Thursday, September 20, 2007

More of visiting with G&G

Here are some more pictures of what we did with G&G. One of the highlights that we didn't take pictures of was a trip to Armadillos Ice Cream Shop downtown. It is a little 'mom & pop' type place complete with 'flavor of the day' and 75 cent kid cones. We love it and visit it very often from March to November while it is open.

1: Kids at the Stav Kirke

2: Hans and Grandma walking on the path at Canyon Lake Park looking for more ducks and geese to feed.

3: Evan trying to get the duck to come just a little bit closer while he was feeding them.

4: The kids and G&G on the bridge at Canyon Lake Park. We were one of the only groups of people feeding the birds that day after a summer of them being continually fed. As a result they were thrilled to see us and followed us all around the lake begging for more.

We loved having Grandma and Grandpa here and hope that they enjoyed the rest of their trip. :)

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