Thursday, November 29, 2007


For Thanksgiving we took a little jaunt to MN/WI to visit our families over the four-day holiday weekend. Between the five of us over the four days we managed to eat dinner on Thanksgiving twice, see the majority of our families, laugh a lot, cut my parents Christmas tree, watch a movie, cuddle with aunts and uncles, go to church just Nathan and I (we heard an entire sermon!!), play with chickens, check out the pig barn, slide on a new slide, explore a fort made of haybales, ride a tractor, visit a farm, have a cousins slumber party, and have an entirely wonderful time. We're just glad that from the day we left till the day we go back is only a month's time. Yeah for family!

This picture is of our kids with their cousins, Joey and Jesse, my sisiter's boys. Cousins are much cool. :)

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