Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WWII Memorial in Pierre

The first weekend in November we took a road trip east to Watertown, SD. Nathan is on the Board for Great Plains LHS and needed to attend a meeting there. The kids and I tagged along to visit the Maertzes. It was a busy, fast, and fun weekend. Like most visits with friends, it passed too quickly. We look forward to making another trip over sometime in the spring.

On the way back home we came through Pierre and took the opportunity to stop at the WWII Memorial. It is a relativly recent addition and one of interest to both Nathan and I. The kids were just happy to get out of the van and have the chance to throw rocks in the water. It's a neat memorial to some real heros. If you're ever in the neighborhood take a few minutes to stop.

1: The kids overlooking the fountain It is supposed to flame because some flamable liquid is mixed with the water but it wasn't "on" that day.

2: A man or woman dressed in their battle uniforms represents each branch of the military. They are slightly larger than life because, in the words of our governor, "those men and women were larger than life."

3: The flags and wall which bears the names of those from SD who fought in WWII.

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