Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Second Birthday Lydia

On December 28 Lydia officially turned two. We celebrated by taking her out to lunch with our good friends the Smiths. Lydia was born on Kelly's thirteenth birthday so the two of them are "birthday buds." Since Lydia didn't offer any suggestions as to what kind of cake she wanted I took my cue from one of her favorite activities, coloring. The cake was a purple crayon. It worked well that Lydia was two since then she and Kelly each took a turn blowing out a candle.

Once we got back home Lydia opened her gift from us. Since she had just recently decided to like girly stuff we went with it and got her a doll stroller. It usually carries "babies" around but in true Lydia fashion it is occasionally used for transporting trucks or animals and is driven like a race car.

Happy Birthday dear Lydia. You are Daddy's "Pretty-Lydi" and Mommy's "Lydi-Girl", our dear sweet daughter who we wouldn't trade for anything and love more everyday. God bless you always.

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