Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jingle in the Jungle

Staying in SD over the week of Christmas also meant we had the opportunity to take in some local attractions we would otherwise have missed. One such attraction was Jingle in the Jungle at Reptile Gardens. (The kids and I visited Reptile Gardens several times this fall and there are pictures somewhere back in October I think.) During the Christmas season RG decorates with thousands of flowers and lights. The kids liked checking out the aminals and showing Dad around since this was his first visit.

1: The kids posing by the poinsetta tree.

2: Evan is in the middle of the picture frolicking down the path.

3: Hans found a nice place to hide.

4: We squeezed in a picture of Dad and kiddos.

If you're ever in the Black Hills you'll have to check out Reptile Gardens on Highway 16 south of Rapid City. :)

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