Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the Gym

After years of hoping, planning, dreaming, saving, working, volunteering, and finishing St. Paul's now has a gym! A week and a half ago we hosted the first home games ever to be play at St. Paul's. It was great fun.

Things to note in the pictures.

1: The ref in the background graduted from St. Paul's and has since then sent his three kids. He has been dreaming of playing in the gym since he was a student. He got to officiate the first game and his son got to play in it. It was a great day for them both.

2: We don't have a scoreboard and one isn't really in the budget but Nathan found a free one online that can be projected onto the wall. Can't beat that.

3: Jon in another one that has been dreaming of the gym for years. While taking his turn officiatinging he enjoyed showing off his three point skill druing quarter breaks.

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