Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seven Smiths Climbing and Caching

Over President's Day weekend we had company! "Uncle Matthew and Aunt Kristi" came to see us all. Saturday we took advantage of the 49 degree day (gotta love the "tropical" Black Hills) and went on a few short hikes in Rapid to find a handfull of geocaches. Saturday evening Matthew headed south to Colorado to find Jordan, the mountains, and the ski slopes. They skied on Sunday while here Kristi and I spent some time shopping and hanging out just the two of us. Monday Matthew came back and we enjoyed lunch out before they hit the long road home. Like all weekends with family, it went to quickly but was wonderful. We love you guys! :)

Picture 1: Hiking partners Aunt Kristi and Lyd taking a break on the trail.

Picture 2: Evan and Aunt Kristi uncovering one of the caches.

Picture 3: More hiking buddies, this time Hans and Uncle Matthew on the trail.

Picture 4: Matthew & Hans, Kristi & Lyd, Nathan & Evan heading back to the van.

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