Sunday, October 12, 2008

Passing Through

Little did we know that there would be easy ties from to western SD to northeastern WI. Now that we know we're delighted. This past week two dear friends of our family were in the neighborhood and stopped for dinner and the evening. Before we left SD the deal had been struck that they would visit in the fall with them springing for pizza if I'd make dessert. Papa Johns and taffy apple cheesecake pie were thoroughly enjoyed by all. The kids were beyond excited which was displayed repeatedly throughout the visit. Pastor and Mary were enjoying some leisure time visiting parents and family in WI so we appreciate them taking time to pop in at our house. It's our hope that now that they know where we live they'll visit again. :)

1) Pastor reading the kids a bedtime story.

2) Visiting.

3) Mary playing Hungry Hippo with the kids while waiting for the pizza man.

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