Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday on the Bridge

Here in Oshkosh one of the five bridges in town has been rebuilt and is nearly ready to be reopened. On Saturday the 11th there were some minor festivities along with a dedication ceremony at which the mayor and the governor spoke. None of that will really be remembered by Evan, Hans, and Lydia since it was over shadowed by the fact that they got to lay on the bridge and watch the boats through the steel grate pass underneath it. They were so animated about it and enjoyed themselves so greatly that they attracted the attention of not only the locals but also a reporter from the newspaper. I'm not sure if the link is still there but you can check at under the "Wisconsin St. Bridge Dedication". If not the first picture is about the same as the one the photographer took. The boys also really enjoyed getting to try their hand at playing the drums that a local business has set up as part of the day. It all provided a good excuse to be outside on a spectacular fall weekend.
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