Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Heart Day

**Flashback** Valentine's Day 1997

After some flirting and hinting I purchased Nathan a "heart gram" which consisted of a small carnations bouquet anonymously delivered from our school paper. On the included note I wrote a very cheesy three verse "roses are red..." poem that ended "this could be the start of me and you".

**Twelve years later**

Blissfully married with three delightful kids we celebrated Valentines Day with heart shaped pepperoni and sausage pizza, brandy old fashioned sweets for the parents, kiddy cocktails for the kids, and (if you look in the background of pictures 2 & 3) those carnations that make an annual appearance.

Maybe it is just a hallmark holiday to some but it was the start of something I certainly find wonderful, my blessed marriage and my happy family.

a-The main course.

b-The husband.

c-The boys "doing cheers."

d-The girl enjoying her pizza.

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