Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing the Winter Away

A few weeks back my parents came for a winter visit. Since the weather keeps us indoors more often than not this time of year we were looking for some appropriate entertainment. We found it in one of our favorite Oshkosh locations: the EAA museum. I'm not sure either of my parents knew what to expect when they signed up for a tour from the kids but I think they got their money's worth. We spent several hours looking at the display air craft, watching brief informational videos, checking out various historical aviation areas, and hitting kid venture with a gusto. I wish I had great pictures of Mom on the hang glider simulator or Dad turning the wind turbine on a bike but we were too busy playing and having fun. The one picture I have here from the museum is of Dad and Lydia playing with the blower that demonstrated Bernoulli's principal. If you look at the top you can see Dad's hat high above their heads. Morning sort of slipped into afternoon while we enjoyed ourselves.

Other highlights of the weekend were having a slumber in the living room (aka: pile of blankets), a heated Candy Land Game, and some quality time reading with a side of cuddling too.

Visits from both sets of grandparents within a matter of weeks makes those long winter days a lot more fun. We love you guys!

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