Monday, March 30, 2009


Sunday afternoon Martin Luther's FCE (Friend's of Christian Education) hosted a rollerskating afternoon. This was the first time any of our kids have been on real skates. It was a hoot to watch them. Evan is a big kindergartner now so he just wanted to skate with his friends without any help from either of us. His skate-near-fall-step-skate-wobble-step-fall style of skating was quite popular in that age group. Hans preferred to hold Dad's hand, hold the wall, or pretend to play arcade games. Lydia spent most of her time with me alternating between holding my hand and standing in front of me while I pushed her around the floor. We'll probably find our way back another Sunday afternoon.

*Due to camera battery issues we only have a few pictures that are all of Evan**

1. Evan on his own.

2. Evan with his friend Presley.

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Kristi said...

Funny, I always thought theat Presley was a girl. Hmm.