Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playing with Michael and Tammy

This past weekend our family of five headed east to Michigan to visit Nathan's brother Michael and his wife Tammy. It might not be a typical spring break destination but we were all very excited. Friday evening we relaxed at their house while Michael fired up the grill for the first burgers of the season. We also watched Alice in Wonderland with the kids in anticipation of an "excursion" that was to take place on Saturday afternoon. After a lazy morning on Saturday we headed to a nearby town where a small children's museum was hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Upon our arrival Michael and Tammy announced that they were kidnapping our kids and Nathan and I were to proceed down the road a bit farther to the Fenn Valley winery where a winery tour had been purchased for us and the guide would be waiting. Depending on which family member you ask you'll get different answers as to who had the better afternoon. The kids loved the tea party with endless opportunities to explore and play all while spending time with Uncle Michael and Aunt Tammy. Nathan and I spent our time learning about the amazing wine making process from a top wine maker all while tasting a dozen varieties of wine. (Yum!) We followed up the tasting with purchasing several bottles to take home (and one to share with M&T that evening!). After our separate afternoons we met back up for dinner back at Michael and Tammy's. It was a wonderful, wonderful day and we still owe Michael and Tammy a huge thanks for our "date." After church and lunch on Sunday we had to find our way back home. Our time went too quickly and we hope to make it back to MI to visit again sometime.

The pictures are of the kids at the museum taken by Tammy via her phone. They missed their parents the whole time. Or not at all. :o)

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