Friday, March 13, 2009

Puddle Stompin' at the Park

Last Friday & Saturday we had a glimpse of springlike weather. The snow was melting rapidly with the temps in the low 40s. As a result we made three fun purchases at Fleet Farm. The kids are now proud owners of puddle boots! Saturday afternoon we tested them out by walking to nearby South Park and stomping in as many puddles as the kids could find. They also loved getting on a playground for the first time in months. Since then we've had nearly six inches of snow and temps back below zero but this weekend is supposed to "warm up" to the 40s again so we may just have to find a few more puddles.

1: Stomp, stomp, stomping along.

2. Learning to pump herself on the swings.

3. Ever exuberant Evan learned that puddle boot help keep feet dry but don't guarantee it when you're running through deep puddles. He's dumping the water from his boots into the creek.

4. Nathan and the kids on the stone bridge in the park.

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