Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mosquito Hill Revisited

*Actual Date:May 2* Last Sunday we headed back up to Mosquito Hill. The day was just as sunny as our first visit but much warmer. We didn't play by the ponds and swamps this trip but headed up to the top of the "hill" in search of a geocache and a view. Evan was on the hunt for butterflies and bugs as well. We managed to find everything we were looking for and a few things we weren't. Evan found countless butterflies and bugs, we found our geocache, and the park lived up to it's name, we found mosquitoes, lots and lots of huge mosquitoes. I'm thinking our next visit might have to be after the fall frost.

1. Our three adventurous kids.

2. A spring woodland flower.

3. A perching bluebird.

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