Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sturgeon Spawning

*Actual Date: April 17th* On a sunny Saturday we headed up to the Wolf River about 45 minutes north of here to check out the sturgeon spawning. Until moving to WI I wasn't familiar with sturgeon. I'd heard of them and knew they were big fish but that's about all. Here sturgeon are a big deal. Really, this year a record breaking 212 pound sturgeon was caught! Lake Winnebago and it's waterways are one of the only places in the country where sturgeon spearing takes place each February. It's a crazy kind of ice fishing where large holes are cut in the ice, fish are speared with multiple spears, and then landed by several fishermen with large nets. Each spring the fish travel up stream to spawn in the shallows of several rivers. While spawning they are very easy to spot and it's popular for small crowds to watch. This year we joined in with the locals. It was interesting to watch and we even chatted with the Game Fish & Park warden that was present. (GF&P along with volunteers watch so that poachers don't take advantage of the spawning fish and illegally take a fish.)
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