Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Fourth Day of Vacation

As our vacation continued we packed up camp and headed back to town and our hosts, the Frees. We took a rather meandering route making several stops along the way.  First we did a little hiking at camp. Then we headed to Prairie Berry Winery to taste some new vintages and some old favorites.  We did, of course, bring some home with us as well.  Then, since SD has had more rain than it ever did while we lived there, we wanted to see the Pactola Reservoir full instead of 30 feet below full.  After arriving back in town and doing a few loads of laundry we had supper with our friend Cynthia at our old house.  Cynthia taught with Nate and then bought our house when we moved.  She's made it her own with lots of vibrant colors and cats but it was fun to visit the place we called home for so long.  Cynthia made a great supper and her foster daughter made an apple crisp for dessert.  Later in the evening Nate put the kids to bed back at Frees while I headed out for drinks with two gal pals, Dayna and Erin. We caught up, laughed, and I found out Erin is expecting again! It was another great vacation day.

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