Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fifth Fabulous Day

Day five brought more fun. We started the day at Reptile Gardens.  This place is impressive for any visitor but for kids who love animals, especially the creep type, it's amazing. We used to get the annual pass (which costs the same as a one day pass) and visited often. If anything being a few years older made this stop even better because the kids understand even more about the animals.

Next we headed for Story Book Island for lunch. This too was a popular place for me to take the kids on sunny summer days. We met up with our friend Paula and her six kiddos. It took about two seconds for the kids to make fast friends and enjoy playing together. It was good to catch up with what's new in each others lives.

Later this afternoon we visited one of the teachers Nate taught with, Pat. Pat was suffering from cancer and nearing the end so we wanted to see her while we could.  She was weak but at peace. 

Our next stop was Armadillo's for ice cream. This place is a RC tradition. Every local knows Armadillo's.  We took Mary and Jason along with us for a mid afternoon cool down.

Then we headed back to Reptile Garden because the kids wanted to see a few more things.  We had the chance to visit with Maddy, a former student, who works there and catch up with what's new with her and her family. 

Our final stop of the night was the Busches' house.  Here I brought the camera in but didn't take a single picture. We were too busy enjoying each other. The kids (all 8 of them) entertained each other upstairs, down stairs, outside, and in the pool.  The grown-ups laughed, shared, and caught up. I got to see the work of two former art students. Our goddaughter is growing up so quickly.  The night moved too swiftly and we stayed out way past the kids bedtime.  Thank you Busch family, for the wonderful evening together. We look forward to the next time we can spend time together.

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