Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy September: Wild Goose State Trail

Hans caught a frog.

Tree climbing!

Now Evan caught a frog.

Evan, Nathan, Lydia, and Hans all still happy after biking 12 miles.

Check out my new bike!

This year for my birthday Nathan bought me a new* bike.  (*new to me, it was bought at a bike swap for about half price!)  It's wonderful.  Seriously, I never knew biking could be so great. What a difference a good, high quality bike makes.  After a few brief rides around the neighborhood we decided to hit the trail.  There are several bike trail heads within a 30 minute drive from here so we did some online research, chose a trail, packed up the bikes, and gave trail riding a shot. It was awesome!  The first time out we biked 12 miles!  We went six miles from one town to the next, geocached along the way, turned back, geocached some more, and made it 12 miles.  It certainly didn't hurt that it was a spectacular fall afternoon.  We enjoyed it so much we went out again a few weeks later.  I see more trail rides in our future, unfortunately I think they won't be until next spring.

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