Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School: 2010-2011

Back on August 25th all four students in our family headed back to school.
Nathan headed to class before I got out the camera. His classes are only part time this year. Currently he's only in class two hours a day so he's continuing to work full time as a mechanic for a small company here in Oshkosh.
Evan headed to second grade this fall. I was a little worried since he'd said, "School ruins summer vacation." just a few days before school started. Despite this he continues to impress his teacher with his work ethic, to quote her, "Even if he doesn't like it he buckles down and works hard."
Hans is happily in first grade. I say happily because he nearly always is. His teacher even remarked that he smiles all the time in class and he's such a joy to have.
Lydia is only in school three morning a week but don't let that fool you, she's a big girl. All the doubts she had about preschool last year have been replaced with confidence. She eagerly heads to school ready for anything the teacher brings.
I hope all of the rest of the students out there have had just as wonderful of a start to the school year.

ps: Often I let the kids take silly pictures after their good pictures but I never actually do anything with the silly ones.  Here I decided to let a little personality shine through.  

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