Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camp Croix 2010 In Pictures

The sunset on the drive north. Red at night promising a great tomorrow.
Look what Lydia found in the boat house.
Ready to canoe with Uncle James.
Here we go a paddling.
Evan's big bass, also the only fish caught.
Around the campfire. The camper in the background is the one I grew up camping in as a child. Lots of memories.
The cousins drinking apple cider in the morning to keep warm.
What did Grandpa so to Jesse, Joe, and Evan?
Building a giant castle.
The boys canoeing on their own. Nathan and Bill rescued/coached them along.
Frog races. Which frog will hop out of the circle fastest?

Tucked in and cozy in the tent.
That's not your bottle, Hannah.

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