Sunday, October 31, 2010

Awesome October: Halloween

Since moving to WI the kids have chosen their own costumes and we've put together their versions of them. A few thrift store purchases, some things we already own, a little imagination, and some sewing skills and this is what you get. Hans as a knight, Lydia as a green princess, Evan as a bat. While out trick-or-treating they noticed many other kids costumes and remarked, "Mom, some kids don't even get to make their costumes. They just have to buy them." Made me smile.
Also, while trick-or-treating we saw the coolest decorated house in Oshkosh. Nathan has a coworker who goes a bit over the top for Halloween. This is actually the front of their house completely made over to look like a castle. It does help that he owns a sound and light/DJ business.
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