Sunday, October 24, 2010

Awesome October: Meeting Jacob

Naomi playing in the kiddie pool at the hotel.

Evan says hi.

Hans takes a ride.

Three tired kids.

Evan was excited to have his turn with Jacob.

Safe in Hans' arms.

Getting some loving from Lydia.

Uncle Nathan getting a little snuggle time. 

All of us.
The Smith family all gathered together the end of October to meet the newest member, Jacob. This was exciting for more the the usual reasons. First, Michael and Tammy had been told the previous year that it'd be nearly impossible for them to have children naturally. God showed he had other plans for them and blessed them with their son. Second, it was the first time ALL of the Smiths (2 parents, 6 original kids, 3 spouses, and 5 grandkids) had been together since Michael and Tammy's wedding. Blessings abound!
What a precious Child of God.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love that picture of the 3 of us! Thanks for sharing! Love you!