Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Cuddle Night

Lydia has a double bed that is our "guest" bed when we have company. When needed, she sleeps on a small mattress on the floor in the boys room, freeing up her room. The boys are a little jealous since her bed is so big. We often cuddle together for nightly devotions and story time on her bed. On many such nights the kids have asked if they can have a cuddle night and all sleep in Lydia's bed together. Knowing that three kids in one double bed might not be the most conducive for sleep, I usually say, "Not tonight guys." We had a few days off of school in mid February with no big plans so when the kids asked, I (finally) said, "Sure." I tucked them in with the understanding that they could talk for awhile but then would need to settle down and sleep. If they didn't, it would be back to bed as usual. It was as fun for me to sit at the bottom of the stairs and listen to them whisper and giggle together as it was for them to do the whispering and giggling. There was a bit of smooshing so the boys switched places at one point but eventually they settled down and slept from about 8:45pm until after 7am the following morning. They haven't asked again so I'm not sure if we'll be repeating this or if it will just be remembered as that one special night they finally got a cuddle night.
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