Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Peaceful Easy Feeling

A few ducks on the open water of the Fox River.
     My parents came for a visit. There is something about being with my kids and my parents at the same time. It's just neat.
     Mom and Dad left early enough to surprise the boys by stopping at school for lunch on Friday. Friday evening we had a movie night at school which they attended with us. Saturday we went off on an adventure and hiked around Thousand Island Environmental Center in Kaukauna. We had hoped to snowshoe there during the evening but with all the snow melt the previous week we ended up settling for hiking on the board walk along the river. Sunday the kids sang for church with their Sunday School classes. The only damper on the visit was that Mom and Dad left in a bit of a blizzard and the return trip took them eight hours instead of four and a half.
     One of the things that makes these visits so special is seeing my parents in my kids. Parents are the ones we are born to love, it's the nature of a child. Our children are the ones we bear to love, it's the nature of a parent. Link by link we create a chain that is family.
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