Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Habitat Art

Plum Pigeons
Family Home
Posted by PicasaBack when  I was working on our Nutcracker I had done some shopping at the Habitat for Humanity Restore looking for certain pieces and/or general inspiration. One day one of the volunteers asked if I'd like to participate in their community art event. The plan was for local artists to take old windows and create some kind of art to be auctioned off to support Habitat for Humanity. I said I'd help with one window, couldn't decided which old battered window I liked best, and ended up taking home two. After some consideration and some work this is what I came up with for my two windows. The pieces were auctioned off in February for $150 each.


Kristi said...

Love how these turned out! I especially like the bird one. The hooks, panes, and color are all great!!! Good work!!

ClutteredMama said...

I LOVE the plum pigeons! I'd totally bid on those! Super cute!