Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ordinary Days

Lydia and her snow fort.
Just like a spa: Nathan drying Lyd's hair after bath while she plays k'nex.
The boys asked if they could read on our bed. Apparently they meant IN our bed.
Daddy snuggles at the end of the day.
Posted by PicasaI haven't been great about blogging for the last, oh six months or so. There isn't a great big reason it's just that life is busy and we've been enjoying it. When I do blog I usually blog about events, holidays, and activities. Today when I was going through months of pictures I found some that just made me smile. There is nothing "special" about these pictures, they're ordinary. That's why I chose to include them. They're the moments that happen every day and the moments I wish I could freeze in time and return to over and over. Sure the big days in our life are special but sometimes it's the little moments. The moment for an extra long bedtime hug, the chapter that had to be finished before bed since the mystery was about to be solved, the silly things my kids make & do, these are the moments that show we care, we live, and we love.

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