Monday, October 1, 2007

Angostura Camping Trip

Over the weekend of September 21-23 our church had it's second annual St. Paul's camp out. It was wonderful. Angostura is a reservoir about an hour south of Rapid City very near Hot Springs. Friday evening families trickled in a set up camp on their own. After dark we gathered around a central campfire for devotion, some singing, and s'mores. Saturday was as perfect a day as we could have wanted. Temps soared to 90+ and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Many people wandered off to fish or play on the beach. We headed to the disc golf course with our kids and their friend Camden. During the afternoon a generous member from our sister congregation, Abiding Word, came down and gave rides on the "tube" behind the boat. The afternoon was spent with most people on the beach in and around the water. Everyone who wanted rides on the boat or tube had an opportunity. The pictures show our family taking advantage. Evan and Hans spent a lot of time in the boat. I took Lydia on my lap for one trip around and Nathan and Evan took a trip their too. Hans was very content to feel the wind off the open water from in the boat. The canoe will never look quite the same to the kids now that they have acquired a "need for speed." :)
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