Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reptile Garden

The kids have wanted to visit Reptile Garden again ever since my parents took them almost two years ago. This past Wednesday I finally gave in to the begging. It was an unseasonably warm day and perfect for being out and about. We invited Denise along and spent about three hours exploring. I have about thirty more pictures but figured you don't want to see them all. :) Some of the things are kind of gross.

Some highlights were the snake show, the prairie dog town, squacking parrots, lizards we had previously only read about, a huge crocodile (over 18 feet long!), a snake eating a rat at feeding time, giant tortoises that scared Evan even though he knows they are slow, tons of spiders, small smakes, and turtles, and even touching a "ginormous snake."

The passes last until November 15 so we'll have to wander back again in the next few weeks. Want to come along?? :)

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