Monday, October 1, 2007

A Saturday with the Smiths

This past weekend Nathan's parents and brother, Jordan, came for a visit. They were planning a visit around now and when Jordan got a job which meant moving to CO the two trips became one. Saturday we did what we usually do with company, take them to the Hills. Custer State Park, Little Devil's Tower, the Needles Highway, and Iron Mountain Road were on the list. One by one we checked them off.

If you're starting to see a theme with the last several posts, don't be surprised. Since moving here we have often said fall is the time to come to the Hills. It can get cold and snowy but it usually doesn't so we just endure cloudless days in the 70+ range with breezes blowing the golden leaves and smell of pine all around. We don't understand how some people around here can just sit at home on weekends like these.

So, we traveled to Custer SP and hiked Little Devil's Tower which allows for amazing views of the Hills including the Needles where we headed next. We stopped in the middle of the Needles to check out the "Eye of the Needle" and find a geocache (you knew we'd sneak it in!). On we traveled through the Needles Highway to the Iron Mountain road with is full of tunnels and pigtail bridges (you must see to understand) and allows several views of Mt. Rushmore. Not bad for the last Saturday in September.

Picture 1: Our kids at the lookout on top of Iron Mountain Road.

Picture 2: Kevin, Mary, and Hans in the giant crevice on the LDT hike.

Picture 3: Lydia didn't make it through the hike and fell asleep in the backpack. At the bottom of the hike Grandma cuddled her until she was ready to wake up again.

Picture 4: One tired Hans. One kind-hearted Uncle Jordan.

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