Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flume Trail with Jordan

        The first weekend in June Jordan came up to visit us for a few days. We used the visit as an excuse to avoid packing and go to the Hills since our hiking days are numbered. The weather still wasn't being very cooperative so we had rain intermittently before we left but decided hiking was worth the risk of getting wet. We started at the Coon Hollow trail head and followed the trail a few miles while working on two multi-step geocaches. The trail lead us to Air Force Vista which was named such since you can see Ellsworth Air force Base in the distance from the point. Most of the hike thunder rumbled in the distance while ominous clouds built in the sky. On our way back to the trail head they delivered and we not only got soaked but also hailed on for awhile. Call us crazy but even that didn't diminish the joy of hiking in the Hills.

1: Evan and Lyd above the flume. Jordan, Hans, and Jenny in the flume.

2: "On top of the world!"

3: Where we were.

4: You can tell we were looking east, flat-so!

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