Thursday, June 19, 2008

A House in Oshkosh

    On day three of our trip Nathan and I made our way to Oshkosh. The main reason we were heading to WI was for Michael and Tammy's wedding the following weekend but we also hoped to find a place to rent, get a feel for the town, and Nathan need to register for school while we were there. We got everything checked off that list. We'll still be traveling with an Oshkosh street map handy for awhile but we have a feel for town. Nathan was most excited to learn more about his classes, getting to chat with instructors and tool venders for awhile, and hanging out in an airplane hanger. I was most excited about finding a place to call home for the next three years. It's a cute, cozy place that is between Martin Luther, the school the kids will attend, and FVTC the school Nathan will attend. The trip helped to make us all a little more excited. :)
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