Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cheese Curds

Saturday we found a little cheese shop called Union Star Cheese west of town recommended by Nathan's brother Michael. While visiting with the lady behind the counter we found out they make fresh cheese Monday and Wednesday mornings and we could come tour/watch the process. The kids thought that it'd be awesome to see how cheese curds are made and I was about as eager. With Evan having no school Monday we piled in the van after breakfast and spent over an hour and half watching cheese curds come to life. The cheese maker, Franz, explained the process while he worked. The kids favorite parts were watching the machine chop the pressed curd back into pieces/curds and, of course, sampling the freshest curds possible. If you're ever in the area on Monday or Wednesday morning we'd recommend a visit to Union Star.

1. The whey has been pressed out of the cheese chunks.

2. A close up of the machine that chops the chunks into curds.

3. "Cheese!"

4. Hopefully a video clip.

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Kristi said...

Looks like good, yummy fun. We may have to plan a Wednesday or Monday visit to you. And Evan, my dear godson, you may regret this stage in your life when you look back and there are no "normal" pictures of you! :o)