Monday, January 26, 2009

Ski Plane Fly-In

Saturday morning was cold. Actually it was colder than cold with temps well below zero again. But it's January and we live in WI so there are still fun things to do. One such thing that we found was the annual Ski Plane Fly In at EAA. The grass strip runway at the Pioneer Airport is covered with snow so it was perfect for the 25+ planes to land. When we arrived there were already many planes parked in front of the hangers. Almost immediately we watched an additional four land which fueled our excitement. After a half an hour or so of checking out the planes we headed into one of the hangers for some warming up with a bowl of chili and fixings. Once warmed we headed back out into the sunny cold. The kids happily watched the planes get pushed into line to refuel and then several take off for home.

1. Here is a plane coming in for a landing and above the tree line you can see another approaching. (Also behind the larger plane you can see a beer truck from Airventure. :)

2. Hans posing by a plane he liked. He's a future pilot for sure.

3. Small planes like these are used for pest/varmint control especially out west. Here a pilot shows off some of his kills by using the pelts to cover his prop. This was the kids' favorite plane.

4. The parking lots have had been cleared creating a mountain of snow. It offered a great play place for the kids and a great viewing platform for the adults.

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