Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 30th Nathan

Today Nathan turned 30! How does one celebrate such a milestone? Had this happened last year I'd probably have hosted a party perhaps even a surprise party. I'd have taken great delight in bringing Nathan to the center of attention. Instead, to Nathan's delight, we celebrated in a much more low key manner. After a normal Wednesday school schedule he returned home to find giddy children eagerly waiting to give him homemade gifts, lasagna cooking in the oven, and a cake that his wife had made that the kids had picked out from a picture online. Since putting the kids to bed he's had several phone calls from family and friends with birthday wishes. Maybe it's not a not a grand day but a happy day, a content day, and most certainly a blessed day. Happy Birthday Nathan, your wife and kids love you.

1. Nathan with his airplane cake.

2. Close up of the cake.

3 & 4. Unwrapping presents. We made him t-shirts by coloring with regular crayons on sandpaper and then ironing the image onto white t-shirts. The kids created their own pictures for Nathan (Lyd had a little help.). He's now the proud owner of five custom created t-shirts. :)

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Those are my kinds of birthdays! Happy Birthday.

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