Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Mile Pinecrest Resort

This past weekend we had the joy of heading to the north woods and spending time with Michael and Tammy at 7 Mile Pinecrest Resort. Michael and Tammy are helping out at the resort for a few months and needs some hands with cabin clean up. In exchange we spent the not cleaning time relaxing and playing at the resort. It was wonderful. The resort is small and filled with families so our kids could safely play and explore until their hearts were content. The kids did not want to leave even though we left hours after we'd planned and we're planning another trip in two weeks. I'd have to agree with them, it's like heaven on earth.

1. Evan on the beach hunting frogs. He caught at least a dozen over the two days we were there all the while entertaining other campers and employees as well.

2. Lydia loves water and here she was jumping as high and she could and then splashing down into the lake in mini cannonballs.

3. Aunt Tammy got in and swam with the kids for awhile. She helped them make it out to the raft and "jump" off before swimming back in to shore.

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