Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day One of Year Two

Both Nathan and Evan also started school this week. Yesterday Nathan headed back to class. He is eager to keep learning and looking forward to getting his hands dirtier this year as he'll be spending more time in the hanger.

Evan is headed to the first grade room this year. Last night he told me he was a little nervous because he didn't' know if he had a Memory Treasure (aka: memory work) to say in the morning. After being assured there wouldn't be anything due on the first day he was feeling more at ease. This morning Mrs. Strusz greeted him with special goggles to wear as they began the day with a scavenger hunt around the room. What a fun way to start the first day. I'm hoping that all my guys have a great year!

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Kristi said...

How fun!! (I like how it looks like Nate is sitting on his lunch box!)

Smith Family said...

Actually, Kristi, he is!