Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Opening Gifts

When we actually open gifts has changed year to year depending on our travel plans, but most years we open on Christmas morning. This year was one such year. The kids were awake, the boys even got dressed, and they were playing upstairs until I cranked up Joy to the World on the CD player. Then they came running and craziness abounded. Christmas is very commercialized and there is such a huge focus on what presents kids want that I know some families are tempted to skip gifts, especially in the adults. I can't quite do that despite my disgust with some major retailers. We really try to focus on the giving part. The kids shopped for each other, for both parents, and made homemade gifts at school. We try to emphasise that the point of gifts is giving things to those we love and appreciate. My kids don't really need anything (our house is rather full) but I still love giving them gifts. They're three of the people I love most. Giving is just one of the ways I show them this.
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