Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Activities: Vacation Bible School

Last week our kids had the opportunity to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS). The WELS churches in Oshkosh combine and have a big VBS each summer. This summer Grace Lutheran hosted with staff from Camp Philip organizing the whole event. The program is run much like a day camp from 9am-3pm for school age kids and 9-12 for pre-schoolers. The kids learned Bible stories, played games, sang songs, did crafts, and had a fabulous time. Lydia was a bit apprehensive the first day at a new place with new people but she warmed right up to her teacher, Miss Jessica (#1). The boys went in full steam ahead and loved every minute. The theme this year was Knights of the Day and each day the kids made a piece of armor. The last day we put the belt, breastplate, helmet, shield, and sword together (#2). I've got some pretty great knights.
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