Friday, June 25, 2010


Last weekend we had a wonderful weekend at my in-laws. I know for many people "wonderful" and "in-laws" wouldn't appear in the same sentence but in our family it's true. My in-laws are wonderful. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are hardworking, loving, generous Christians. They raised six strong, individual, hardworking, loving, generous, Christian children. Being home altogether is wonderful.
For the weekend there were 14 of us together (Jordan had to work so he wasn't able to make it this time.). With that many people around it was always busy. Saturday the ladies of the group had a mini baby shower for Tammy. Trees were trimmed and brush cleared. The woods were explored. Kites were flown. Bugs were caught. Three June birthdays (Matthew,  Evan,  Joanna), three June anniversaries (Michael&Tammy,  Matthew&Kristi,  Nathan&I), and four Father's Days (Kevin, Nathan, Matthew, Michael) were celebrated. Meal after meal of delicious food was consumed. Friends visited. Grandma (also known at Great Grandma) came for lunch. Lightning bugs were caught and kept in a jar for a nightlight. The front porch was well used by all to relax. read, and rest. We all attended church together on Sunday. It was wonderful. Family.
1. The dinner table as the noon meal was being finished and dessert was on the way.
2. Lydia reading to Naomi with Aunt Andrea.
3. Hans and Michael checking out the fire pit. The coals were still hot the next day.
4. Evan and Grandpa with Evan's birthday gift. Grandpa, Dad, and Evan built a sparrow trap so that Evan can catch a sparrow.
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