Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bouldering Around Sylvan Lake

Heading around the lake to find some rocks to climb.
Lydia found a place to climb up herself.
There's Evan up top.
Family photo! Looking through "the window" at more spires and the Hills beyond.

Posted by PicasaOne of our favorite places in SD is Custer State Park. If you visited us while we lived in SD I can almost guarantee that we took you to Sylvan Lake. It was so fun to take the kids and watch them be as amazed as so many guests were. The rock spires are amazing and beg to be climbed. We didn't do an technical climbing with ropes and gear but plenty of hiking and bouldering. If you're in the neighborhood definitely take the time to enjoy the Sylvan Lake area.

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Kristi said...

Beautiful! Makes me wish that I was there with you!